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Suizo in Neuquen City

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A growing city

The City of Neuquén

Capital of Patagonia

Neuquén is the homonymous capital city of the most important province of the Argentine Patagonia. Our young town has been benefited from an economic boom in recent years as well as with  a rapid population growth.

This has transformed it into a pole full of offers and experiences. It has a wide diversity of tourist activities in natural environments and cultural spaces that allows you to explore and enjoy.

Culture à la carte

Pedestrian tour circuits and guided tours in museums are a great option. These include MNBA Neuquén, Museo de la Ciudad Paraje Confluencia, Museo Gregorio Álvarez and Sala de Arte Emilio Saraco. The musical, theatrical events and the fairs are an almost daily proposal of the busy Neuquén city.

For its part, the Observatorio Astronómico and Espacio de la Energía de Fundación YPF are two attractive proposals for those who seek to be dazzled by science and technology.

Sports from Summer to Winter

For nature lovers, you can venture on the trails and aerobics of Parque Norte, Parque Este and Paseo de la Costa on the riverside. For those who want to escape from circuits, just venture yourselves over the fences and you will find all kinds of interpretative viewpoints of the valley and its geological processes.

During the summer season, the river has four municipal swimming spots enabled as well as several private clubs with all kinds of offers. In addition, throughout the year there is a constant availability of floats on rafts, kayak trips, bird watching, cycling and hiking.

A region of wealth

From the city it is also possible to make regional excursions. It is an opportunity to get in touch with the productive activities that take place in wineries, vineyards and agrotourism establishments such as the classic Ruta del Vino.

You can also enjoy the experience of visiting museums and paleontological sites such as those found in El Chocón. A few minutes away from the city, you can reach lakes such as El Chocón, Marimenuco and Pellegrini where all kinds of activities are carried out all year round.

A strategic point

For those who are just passing through, Neuquén is the ideal stop before continuing trip to the Copahue hot springs, the Ruta de los Siete Lagos that stretches from San Martin de los Andes to Villa la Angostura, the depths of the Submerged Forest in Villa Traful , the rugged nature of the North such as Huinhanco and Varvarco, or any other magical destination of our province.